Ivonne Hernandez came to Canada to seek asylum in 2009. In 2011, her refugee application was refused in 2011 and she was ordered deported. Rather than return to the very real danger she faced in Mexico, Ivonne joined the estimated half a million people living without papers in Canada. Ivonne is currently fighting to remain in Canada with her toddler.

 On December 2013, Ivonne fled her home with her son to take refuge in a shelter for women victims of conjugal violence. Her partner promptly denounced her to authorities. In a shocking and rushed ruling on January 10, 2014, a judge awarded custody of Ivonne’s son to the Canadian father because of Ivonne’s vulnerable immigration status. Ivonne and her son were allowed to see each other only eight hours a week. On January 22nd, while picking up her son from her ex-partner, she was arrested at Berri-UQAM metro station in a pre-planned public ambush involving border authorities and police.

Following public mobilization and outrage, Ivonne was freed from detention and was able to successfully fight against a deportation order planned for February 2014 and that would have effectively separated her from her toddler for years and years to come. Ivonne has since regained custody of her child, but her immigration status remains precarious and she continues to face removal back to Mexico.

This website will compile information about the support campaign for Ivonne Hernandez, as well as updates, fundraising information, callouts for upcoming events and calls to action. You can also follow the Justice for Ivonne page on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Justice-pour-Ivonne/229121600608735

Status for All! No One is Illegal!

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