Good news! Ivonne is on track to getting her permanent residence

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After months of living with uncertainty and the risk of being deported to Mexico without her son, Ivonne received some excellent news: first her Humanitarian and Compassionnate (H&C) application for permanent residence and then her Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ) were accepted. She has also received a work permit. She is well on her way to receiving permanent residency.

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Thank You!

The Justice for Ivonne Committee would like to thank everyone who joined us for our Mothers Against Borders that took place on Saturday, May 10th. We would also like to thank you for your generous donations. Ivonne is very touched by your support.


We exceeded our expectations for the day and raised nearly $800 to help Ivonne pay for her legal fees. Many thanks again for your support and generosity.


However, we are still far from our $6000 goal. We would like to encourage folks to share our fundraising campaign in their networks:


You can also follow our donation thermometer on our website :


Thanks again!

Solidarity with non-status mothers!


The Justice for Ivonne Committee

Spring Fund-raising Drive

Olimometer 2.52  Amount raised : $4005

In a time of mounting racism, Ivonne Hernandez’s story broke through indifference and cynicism and for a brief time became a symbol in Quebec of the struggle of non-status women against multiple levels of violence and oppression.

Video of Ivonne’s story (in French).

As told in the media, the story starts in December when Ivonne fled to a shelter with her 1-year old son to escape a situation of domestic violence. Her husband promptly retaliated by denouncing her to authorities, as he had long threatened to do. The consequences were immediate and harsh: first, her son was taken from her care because of her vulnerable immigration status and then Ivonne was arrested in a public take-down arranged between her husband and the border police. Detained at the Laval Immigration Detention Centre, she faced deportation to Mexico, with the very real possibility that she would never see her son again.

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Mothers against Borders Brunch

afficheivonneA Fund-Raiser

Lorne Centre, 2390 Ryde St. (Charlevoix Metro)
Saturday, 10 May 2014, at 11am

Free Entry & Free Food, but donations to help with Ivonne’s legal costs are encouraged. Suggested: $10 to $20.

Fun activities for kids!

Wheel-chair accessible.

Any special dietary needs or other accessibility questions? Get in touch at!

On the eve of Mothers’ Day, the Justice for Ivonne Committee is hosting a brunch to celebrate the struggle of Ivonne Hernandez and other courageous mothers who have crossed and defied borders for their children. The event is also a fundraiser to help cover Ivonne’s legal fees in her continuing fight to stay in Canada with her son.

Guests are invited to come with a small toast to celebrate the courage and strength of mothers against borders: a poem, a few simple words, a testimony, or even an art object.

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Ivonne Regains Custody!

The Struggle for Status Continues

-> Read more below about what you can do, including contributing to fundraising efforts (it’s urgent!), joining our Justice for Ivonne contingent on March 8th (International Women’s Day), and writing a support letter!

**NEW: Justice for Ivonne facebook page – like it to follow updates**

“Justice for Ivonne” contingent in the 8th March protest (International Women’s Day)

After a day and a half of hearings in family court, Ivonne finally regained full custody of her 1-year old son, at least for the time-being. Ivonne and her son have been separated since January 10th, when a judge in St-Jérôme granted custody to her ex-partner, citing her immigration status. This ruling is temporary until a full trial scheduled for the fall. Ivonne’s ex-partner has visiting rights. This means that Ivonne cannot leave Canada with her child, and highlights the importance of regularizing her status.

Although Ivonne has a Federal Court stay, her status in Canada is still not permanent. This means she cannot access many essential services (such as daycare, healthcare and child supplements) and remains at risk of deportation in the long-run. The struggle continues!

Justice for Ivonne! Status for All!

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Stay of Deportation Granted!

Rally outside Federal Court, 4 February 2014

Rally outside Federal Court, 4 February 2014

UPDATE (February 4, 11:30am) Today at Montreal’s Federal Court, Judge Harrington granted a temporary stay of deportation to Ivonne Hernandez. Effectively, that means Ivonne will not be removed from Canada and her community imminently. The judge cited the “irreparable harm” that would be caused if Ivonne was to be deported now and permanently separated from her 13-month son. The struggle is not over, however. Ivonne could face another deportation date in the future (after matters at Federal Court are settled). Moreover, Ivonne is facing a continued struggle at Family Court to regain custody of her child. The Family Court must be made to understand that the immigration status of a loving parent cannot be used against them in any custody matter.

The Friends of Ivonne — a group of friends, allies and supporters working directly with Ivonne Hernandez — will continue to send updates and information to everyone who has been in touch and expressed concern. For now, we still encourage letters to the Minister of Immigration demanding that Ivonne’s status be regularized immediately; we also encourage organizational letters of support for Ivonne (visit this page for a compilation of the close to 50 letters received so far); and we encourage donations to Ivonne’s support fund, to help pay legal costs related to the immigration and family court matters. Information about how you can help is available below.

Solidarity with Ivonne!
Status for All!

(Update/Call to Action) Solidarity with Ivonne

-> Non-status survivor of conjugal violence has lost custody of her son, was arrested and detained in pre-planned ambush by border agents, and is still facing deportation

-> Read more below about what you can do, including writing letters to the Canadian Ministers of Immigration and Public Security, and the Quebec Minister of Immigration and Cultural Communities (MICC), as well as writing organizational support letters and contributing to fundraising efforts.

*** UPDATE (January 29, 2014): Ivonne now has a deportation date for February 7, 2014 and risks the possibility of being permanently separated from her son. ***

Press Conference, 3 February 2014

Press Conference, 3 February 2014

Ivonne Hernandez is a survivor of conjugal violence in both Mexico and Canada who has been living without immigration status in Canada for a year and a half. She was arrested in a pre-planned public ambush involving border authorities at Berri-UQAM metro station last week on January 22, 2014. Ivonne was arrested while she was picking up her one-year old son from her ex-partner and detained.

Ivonne Hernandez was released from immigration detention on January 24 on a $4000 cash bond. She is required to report to immigration authorities regularly. The removal order against her is still in effect. No deportation date has been set, but there is a risk of removal at any time. If she is deported, her son will be separated from her, perhaps for life.

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UPDATE: Ivonne will be released

Rally outside the IRB, 24 January 2014

Rally outside the IRB, 24 January 2014

… but still risk of deportation

Ivonne Hernandez will be released from immigration detention later today on a $4000 cash bond. She will be required to report to immigration authorities regularly. The removal order against her is still in effect. No deportation date has been set, but there is a risk of removal at any time.

Friends and supporters of Ivonne, in collaboration with Ivonne herself, will be planning future steps in the coming days and weeks. The original media release for the urgent solidarity picket earlier today is included below, for basic context to Ivonne’s case.

In the mean time, we would like to thank everyone who came to today’s detention review hearing or have otherwise expressed their support. If you haven`t done so, please write the Minister of Immigration to demand that Ivonne be granted permanent residency in Canada. As well, we encourage organizations to issue their own public statements of support.

We encourage you to get in touch with us proactively by e-mail, so that we can stay in touch about future steps in this campaign.


Call to Action: Solidarity with Ivonne Hernandez

-> Non-status survivor of conjugal violence loses custody of son, arrested in pre-planned public ambush, and faces imminent deportation

Urgent Solidarity Picket Tomorrow
FRIDAY, JANUARY 24 at 12:30pm
Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB)
200 René-Lévesque West (Complexe Guy-Favreau)
métro Place d’Armes or métro Place-des-Arts

– Write/call/fax the Minister of Immigration (details below)
– Court solidarity; details to be announced (visit @SolidariteMTL on twitter or for updates)
– Email us at to stay in touch

Support rally for Ivonne, outside IRB, 24 January 2014

Support rally for Ivonne, outside IRB, 24 January 2014

Ivonne Angelina Hernandez Segura, a survivor of conjugal violence who has been living without immigration status in Canada for a year and a half, was arrested in a pre-planned public ambush involving police and border authorities at Berri-UQAM metro station at approximately 4pm yesterday (January 22). Ivonne was arrested while she was picking up her one-year old son from her ex-partner.

Ivonne is at risk of imminent deportation. If she is deported, her son will be separated from her, perhaps for life. She is currently being held at Laval Immigration Detention Centre. She will appear at a Detention Review hearing tomorrow before the Immigration and Refugee Board, at Complexe Guy-Favreau.

On 11 December 2013, Ivonne fled to a women’s shelter with her son to escape a situation of conjugal violence. Her ex-partner promptly denounced her to authorities. In a shocking ruling on 10 January 2014, a family court judge awarded custody of the child to the father because of Ivonne’s vulnerable immigration status. Ivonne and her son were allowed to see each other six hours a week.

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